Thursday, December 13, 2018

Wild Bear Safari (ONF)

I completed my second Wild Bear Safari Dual Sport Rally this past weekend, December 7-9. However, I ran it on my recently purchased 2019 Camo KLX 250, a motorcycle that I will probably use going forward in the Florida sand box.

The rally tracked some great forest roads and trails through Ocala National Forest on Saturday and New Smyrna Beach on Sunday (before we got rained out on Sunday).

My original plan was to use my KLR650 for the rally, but having picked up the KLX just a few days earlier I thought I'd give it a whorl...even though it only had 20 miles on it. Of course, I had to keep with the running in requirements, but that really wasn't too much of a problem. One of these dual sport rallies, with the constantly changing rpm levels, is probably a good way to do the running in.

Here are some photos of the rally:

So this is my routine setup at the rallies that I attend. I have a 5' x 8' enclosed utility trailer to transport the bike and that holds all my stuff. It then serves as my camper for evenings. If I don't have electric hookup, I carry my 2000 Watt Predator Generator that I got at Harbor Freight. It's good for lights and fans, but not anything heated. It did a good job lighting the Christmas lights on my canopy.

This was the rider's meeting on Saturday.

Most anything here off road in Florida looks like this. You learn to ride in sand...or you ride with the Harley guys and Sport Bike Squids on the streets.

Okay, so I usually try and find good photo ops. Sometimes I do better jobs than others, so I stopped here with an eye toward getting some action in this dip on film. Everyone took the bypass. If I wasn't running in my little KLX I'd definitely have rolled through this.

This restaurant was in Crescent City, Florida. Wow! What an awesome place. I wish we had something like this around where I live.

Lastly, the Wild Bear was also a Toys for Tots Donation Site. I donated a couple nice starter fishing sets.

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