Saturday, February 11, 2017

Nomad Rider Crash Guards

This post serves to summarize my experience with the Nomad Rider Crash Guards.

I purchased a set of Nomad Rider Crash Guards in December 2015 for installation on my 2016 Kawasaki KLR650. The Nomads have a history of fractures that the company reported had been resolved by using thicker tubing. I specifically discussed this with the salesperson at Nomad before agreeing to purchase the bars. I received and installed the guards in early January 2016. See Nomad Rider Crash Bars.

In early March 2016, the right guard fractured at the frame downtube mount point during the Annual Dixie Dualsport Rally. Nomad Rider Promptly replaced the damaged right side guard. See Nomad Rider Crash Bars Broke/Cracked.

In mid May 2016 I suffered a leg injury in a trail fall and was prevented from riding motorcycles until late July and I was unable to ride serious trail (or rally) for the remainder of 2016.

In late December 2016, I noted that the left Nomad Rider Bar had fractured at the left foot peg mounting point. Similar to the first fracture, it was the mounting plate that fractured rather than the tubing. See More Nomad Woes.

Again, I contacted Nomad Rider (providing photos) regarding the damage. They offered me a choice to (i) replace the left guard with a matte black guard (even though my right guard was gloss black) or (ii) a discounted price on a complete set of gloss black guards. I chose the first choice of free replacement of the left bar.

Going a month and a half later, the left Nomad guard has not been delivered to me as promised. I have purchased and installed a set of Tusk Guards. As we embark upon the 2017 Rally Season (first rally in three weeks) I have much bigger things to deal with than the missing Nomad Rider Bar and do not plan to pursue the promise.

To summarize, the Nomad Rider Crash Guards had acquired a reputation of fracture (see KLR650 forums .com and .net and Facebook Group). Nomad Rider represented on their website and to me via a phone conversation that the defect had been corrected. Yet each of my two guards sustained a fracture. Nomad Rider promised to replace the second damaged bar and they did not replace it causing me to spend money to purchase a replacement set of bars. In all honesty, at this point I'm glad to move onto a set of crash bars that (based on customer reviews) will likely be more reliable to a serious dual sport rider.