Sunday, March 11, 2018

DirtRack Guards_Report

As mentioned in a previous post, we installed a set of front DirtRack Crash Guards on the KLR650 just prior to the Devil's Creek Dual Sport Rally. Unfortunately, we didn't find that the DirtRacks are up for serious rally work.

We run our motorcycles pretty hard on the forest trails and they're on their sides from time to time. There's so much sand that front washes that falls are inevitable. The DirtRacks collapsed in on the cowls fairly quickly even in these sandy conditions. They will need to be promptly removed and replaced. Very unimpressed.

Back to the Tusk. The Tusk held up during the entire season with no problems until a paved high-side collapsed the right side. That's understandable.

For the record, the rear DirtRacks Guards take a licking and have held up extremely well.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Devil's Creek 2018

Devil's Creek 2018 is in the books.

Here are a few photos from the event.

My son Sam rode the KLR650 and took on the Discovery Track with his girl friend on the back.

I was on my DR650 again this year; third year for our KLR and second year for our DR.

A new friend, Pablo, rode his GEN1 with us. He actually moved it through the sand pretty well with those 50/50 dual sport tires.

The sand is so deep, but living here in Florida, riding in it is second nature. 2-up, no problem.

This was a stop on the Withlacoochee River.

Rocky Bull is joining me on the rally circuit again this year.

As reported in the prior post...the only carnage during the rally.

Next stop...Hoenwald, Tennessee and the Tennessee Dual Sport Association Spring Rally.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Devil's Creek-Day 1

The KLR did not get off to a great start today at Devil's Creek. An early "situation" resulted in a bent bar that had to be replaced. We were running the ProTaper ATV High Bend, which is a great bar for the KLR. Running around Brooksville, Florida, my son landed a FLY Racing MX Fat Bar to replace it.


Last year it was Team Wanker. This year it's Team Smart Ass. The KLR earned the Wanker. Let's see if it can pull out a Smartass Award for 2018.

Today was a warm-up day anyway, so there was no big loss. I got through the day on the DR650 sporting D606s. There was a lot of sand out there for a warm-up ride.

This was considered an Adventure Ride Day. Tomorrow, we'll be hitting the "Discovery" track.