Saturday, April 15, 2017

KLR650 Triple Tree

Have you ever bent the post/stem in the lower triple any motorcycle? Well, sure enough, we pulled it off on our 2016 Kawasaki KLR650.

The damage arose at the Devils Creek Rally in the beginning of March. My son low sided the KLR when the lead made a sudden turn. While he was able to complete the weekend, it was clear that a new bar and right foot peg needed to be ordered.

Then there's always the tweaking of getting the front back in alignment. After a couple tries, I couldn't get the dang thing aligned. Worried that the problem was a fork (or two) I took it to a shop who came back with the tree problem. Dang! I've never had that happen.

Anyway, I found a used lower tree for a 2016 on eBay for $91 (new OEM is $500). After install, the bike came back into alignment. There ya go, there's a first time for everything.

On the bar replacement, we initially went with a ProTaper Contour with the Henry/Reed Bend. Very cool bar, with a fat bar clamp and I had a set of fat-bar Rox Pivot Risers to use...but once on, the bend really didn't work well with the KLR. No loss since I put it on my DR650 and it's working out fine.

So after some more measurements, we decided on the ProTaper SE ATV High Bend and that bar is working out really well. Measurements of this bar are:

Width 32"
Height 6.3"
Pull 4"

Full ProTaper Bar Specs HERE.


I had Trackside Handguards on both my KLR650 and DR650. The handguards on the KLR needed replacement after the low side...and the guards no longer fit the fat bar on the DR, so I moved them over to the KLR with the new ProTaper SE ATV High Bar. The KLR650 is a tough bike to fit with hand guards because of the big front cowl. However, I got them fit with the new bar.