Sunday, February 25, 2018

DirtRacks Guards

DirtRacks had another Holiday Season discount this past December so I purchased a set of their front crash guards. Overall, the discount cut the shipping cost and the total price was around $130. I just got them installed ready for Devil's Creek next weekend.

The DirtRacks replace the Tusk Guards that got damaged (right side) during last year's Devils Creek. The Tusks are still the best guards that we've had on the KLR, but seeing as we have a tendency to go through these things, we're giving the Dirt Racks a look.

Image result for DirtRacks logo

We've been running the DirtRacks rear guards since the beginning. Those things take a beating and hold up great. I just repainted them this year as they were starting to look a little shabby.


The front DirtRack Guards lasted one rally and were kaput! You can't even lean up against a tree with these things. A strong breeze and they bend like pretzels. What a waste. Heading back to Tusk.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Devil's Creek 2018

Here we go!

The 2018 Dual Sport Season is upon us with Devil's Creek next weekend!

March 2-4, Brooksville, Florida.