Thursday, October 11, 2018

KLR 650 Restoration Part 2

I needed to take some time away to attend to other needs on my property, but got back to the KLR restoration yesterday. Previously, I got the new top end installed and all I really needed to do was get everything back together.

So, as intact as I felt it needed to be I got it started up. I didn't ride it in this state for obvious reasons, but I also have a sense I'll be doing some clutch work before I roll it too far. Otherwise, it seemed to run well with the 2013 top end, although there are a few things that I'll need to address.

The exhaust valve clearances (both) are outside of spec; way too tight. From my forum readings and personal experience with clearances, this is fairly common. The motorcycle that the top end came off had 5,600 miles, so clearances were not due. However, it's fairly common knowledge on the KLR forums that we need to be on the clearances (especially the exhaust) between 5,000 and 6,000 miles. Unfortunately, I don't have the right shims...woulda been nice to have the clearances properly set when I had it all apart, but who knew if the thing was even going to run.

There's a coolant leak in the lower left corner in the fins. I can't see where it is, but it's enough of a leak that it'll need to get fixed.

UPDATE October 18, 2018

Following a few adjustments, I've now been able to take the KLR650 out for a ride and it did fine. The clutch issue was a simple adjustment. I think the PO was tinkering around with it without knowing what to do.

While riding, I had what I believe is a chain noise, so I ordered a new chain and sprockets along with the valve shims and a few other bits.

I also have a fairly serious oil leak that appears to be coming from the outer left case seal. I have an extra gasket from my doohickey mod that I will install along with some sealer.

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