Friday, March 2, 2018

Devil's Creek-Day 1

The KLR did not get off to a great start today at Devil's Creek. An early "situation" resulted in a bent bar that had to be replaced. We were running the ProTaper ATV High Bend, which is a great bar for the KLR. Running around Brooksville, Florida, my son landed a FLY Racing MX Fat Bar to replace it.


Last year it was Team Wanker. This year it's Team Smart Ass. The KLR earned the Wanker. Let's see if it can pull out a Smartass Award for 2018.

Today was a warm-up day anyway, so there was no big loss. I got through the day on the DR650 sporting D606s. There was a lot of sand out there for a warm-up ride.

This was considered an Adventure Ride Day. Tomorrow, we'll be hitting the "Discovery" track.

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