Thursday, March 9, 2017

Devil's Creek

My 2016 Kawasaki KLR650 completed its second year at Devils Creek at the first leg of the 2017 AMA Dual Sport Series, this year ridden by my son. I rode our DR650. The only change we made over last year was to better equip it with a set of Dunlop D606 DOT block knobbies. The TKC80s used last year were pretty good, but the 606s made the deep sand much more manageable.

Toy Hauler

When my son purchased a new trailer for his mobile bicycle repair business, we decided to keep the old trailer (a 5 x 9 Haulmark Enclosed) and convert it into a toy hauler. A real toy hauler is a camper/hauler combination. Some are trailers, some are complete mobile units. Very pricey, indeed.

We can make the old Haulmark work for our needs and continue to advertise the bicycle business by not changing the wrap. The first use of the toy hauler trailer was a dual sport rally in Brooksville, but it will serve to haul or bicycles and, with some special mounts, the kayaks and provide a convenient place to bed down for the night.

The only improvements made were adding a flooring, essentially leftover pieces from the new mobile unit build and a touch of paint. It already had electrical connections and lighting.

The hauler can carry two motorcycles and a lot of equipment. We only hauled the DR650 up to Devil's Creek in Brooksville in it because my son came up a day later on the KLR650, but they both go in facing forward and the other facing backward.

At Devil's Creek we still used two tents but the plan is when I go to rallies on my own, I'll slide my inflatable mattress in the trailer, as shown in the second photo below, and sleep inside. Unfortunately, it only has the ramp-type door, but I'm just going to have to make due.

Next stop, Hohenwald, Tennessee and the Southern Discovery TDSA Spring Rally on March 31-April 2.